If your Rise Adjustable bed is prorated or out of warranty, and you contact Rise Adjustable Beds, they will likely give you our phone number (808) 772-2648  as the adjustable bed repair center in the San Diego area.  Most adjustable bed companies do not have a presence in San Diego. Rise, like many others, relay on local companies and independent technicians to do the work.  Shop around for the best price.  You will find that our costs are very competitive and often on the low end of the price range. 

We are Adjustable Bed Repair of San Diego, a local certified service tech company for the Rise Adjustable Beds.  When your bed is in need of service, Rise will call us to make the repairs.  Now, you can call us directly at (808) 772-2648 to have your bed serviced.  We will check your warranty, come to your home to trouble shoot your problem, order parts if needed, and install those parts within 24 - 48 hours of receiving shipment.  

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